6-10p @ Piranha Shop
1022 1st avenue S
Seattle, WA 98134

Why we party: We paired six rad Seattle bands with six dope Seattle visual artists to create six 7 inch vinyl records as part of the Triple Six 7 Inch series. We are releasing a limited boxset of all six albums on Record Store Day, 4/16.

On this night, all of the album cover artists will fill the Piranha shop with their album artwork originals and selected pieces. The music from the Triple Six series will be in heavy rotation for the first time as we honor the inspiration these bands and artists found in working with one another.

The Triple Six series features the following artist pairings:

Henrietta's Eye (Haunted Horses)
Frank Correa (Stickers)
Cait Willis (Transmissionary)
Demian Johnston (He Whose Ox Is Gored)
Sam Whalen (Bali Girls)
Grant Rehnberg (The Family Curse)

BOXSET PRE-ORDER: frcollective.com/triple-six-7-inch


Why we party: Fainting Room Collective paired six rad bands with six dope Seattle visual artists to create six 7 inch vinyl records as part of the Triple Six 7 Inch series. We are releasing a limited boxset of all six albums on Record Store Day, 4/16.

On this night, five of the six bands (RIP STICKERS) will fill Chop Suey with the heavy weird kick-assedness only this lineup could deliver.


CHOP SUEY (1325 E Madison)
Friday May 20th, 8pm doors, 9pm start
$10adv/$12 dos

Set times:

He Whose Ox is Gored
12a hwoig.com

Haunted Horses
11:15p hauntedhorses.com

The Family Curse
10:30p frcollective.com/the-family-curse

Bali Girls
9:45p baligirls.bandcamp.com/releases

9p transmissionary.bandcamp.com
It's true. The entire box set of six 7 inch albums is ready to ship out in December just in time for the holiday, if you're into that sort of thing. Order by December 13th and we'll send you the full box set, a sticker card set featuring the artwork from the albums, and a RAD black screen-printed tote bag. This is a seriously good tote bag. Here it is with the first three albums...the mailman is delivering the final three to FRC this week! SO CITED!
As a special limited pre-release, Haunted Horses will have 100 copies of their contribution to the Triple-Six 7-Inch box-set available in October. Only available at Haunted Horses shows, the pre-release record series will include a digital download card. Once they're gone, the album will only be available in the Spring 2015 box set. Get yer ass to a show! Check out hauntedhorses.com for tour dates.

Here are the tracks to be released on the record (in order) - Side A: Crown of Twelve Stars, Pariahs - Side B: Servant, Wands
We have four of the six bands selected and lined up for recording Feb-May.  Check out the Triple-Six 7-inch page to see the bands we'll be collaborating with.  The final two will be announced soon.

All of the bands will be recording with Brandon Fitzsimons at his Airport Grocery studio in Georgetown. We're excited to see what they bring to lay down.
Pushing artistic collaboration to produce a badass piece of art is in our blood. In 2014 we're pairing six Seattle bands with six Seattle visual artists to create the music and art for a series of six vinyl 7 inch albums.

To date, the following FRC and Seattle art community members are contributing efforts: 

Brandon Fitzsimons will be recording the bands out of his studio in Georgetown
Marc Tweed will be producing and mixing the tracks
Ghost Gallery founder, Laurie Kearney, will be curating the recommended visual artist to pair with each band
Sharlese Jul-anetia Metcalf will assist in orchestrating KEXP support
Brennan Coyle/The Foundry will be developing the project logo
Megan Tweed is directing the project 
David Choe/Invisible Hour will be photographing the bands and events

More to come! 

We're getting some great work done on the new album, which we're recording with Brandon Fitzsimons at Airport Grocery in the lovely Georgetown neighborhood. We're having fun firing up two Sovtek amps - Marc's MIG 60 and Brandon's MIG 100 - for a seriously pissed-off, NOISY guitar sound. Megan's coming up with some great vocal lines and lyrics as usual!

Please welcome the newest member of The Family Curse, Brandon Fitzsimons! Brandon is a veteran of the Lawrence, KS and Seattle music scenes, most notably having played in the incredibly heavy band, Wormwood. He's also a member of bLack Queen. The band is excited to start playing show with the new elements Brandon brings to the table (synths, percussion, vocals).