Pushing artistic collaboration to produce a badass piece of art is in our blood. In 2014 we're pairing six Seattle bands with six Seattle visual artists to create the music and art for a series of six vinyl 7 inch albums.

To date, the following FRC and Seattle art community members are contributing efforts: 

Brandon Fitzsimons will be recording the bands out of his studio in Georgetown
Marc Tweed will be producing and mixing the tracks
Ghost Gallery founder, Laurie Kearney, will be curating the recommended visual artist to pair with each band
Sharlese Jul-anetia Metcalf will assist in orchestrating KEXP support
Brennan Coyle/The Foundry will be developing the project logo
Megan Tweed is directing the project 
David Choe/Invisible Hour will be photographing the bands and events

More to come!